Bryan Bassett – FOGHAT

I have a little story to tell you. I returned from Philly where we are rehearsing for our upcoming tour. While setting up my rig I spy this gold glint on a nearby table. I ask Craig our bassist, “who’s slide is that?” … and he tells me the guitarist in his teenage son’s band just picked it up at a local store. Now I have used a glass slide for 20 years. I love the sound of brass but the brass slides I have tried have been heavy, unwieldy things that wobbled around on my finger and nicked up my frets … well you know. I picked up your slide, put it on and all I can say is … WOW … you know that rare feeling you get when you pick up the PERFECT guitar … well In 10 seconds the giant box of glass slides I own have become knick-knacks …. and the TONE …. man I have another low octave of sweet harmonics now that just blew me away. My band mates looked at me and said what is that … it sounds awesome. When a drummer notices your tone you’ve got something going on. I went to the local store to buy them out and they only had a couple so I’ll be calling in for more. All this is to say I haven’t been this excited about a piece of gear in years and I would honored to be added to your artist users page if you have the room. Thanks for making someone who plays slide for 60% of every concert a very happy man. I can’t wait to hit the road with your slide. Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2005

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