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Moulded Glass Guitar Slide


Moulded Glass Guitar Slide

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Moulded Glass Rock Slides are individually hand moulded by master lampworkers.  These have all the same features as our brass Rock Slide® with the Knuckle Cut, Finger Rest and Tapered Interior.  These fit almost exactly like their brass counterpart but are slightly longer.  The main difference being that they are much lighter & faster so you can really cook with these on an electric guitar.  Because of our unique tapered interior design they do have enough mass to light up your acoustic.




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14 reviews for Moulded Glass Guitar Slide

  1. Roy Steinbock

    I have been playing slide for over 20 years and like many slide players have always been looking for that holy grail sound and feel. I was turned on to the glass RockSlide by my local guitar store in Boulder Co. Unfortunately they dint have any medium slides and I wasn’t sure what size I needed. Though the small fit well, I was put off by its shortness despite the fact that I immediately enjoyed playing it. On a whim I called Danny the creator to get his take, and to say that he was helpful was an understatement. He sent me one of each size and I did finally settle on the small. He even found a slightly smaller small to accommodate my needs. I mean that is service for something so inexpensive. These slides are amazing. They have an almost perfect mass to weight ratio and my speed and dexterity have increased exponentially. All the other brands smalls have always been too thin and the tone suffered dramatically, but not with Danny’s slides. There is very little compromise on tone considering the slides are so small. No more cramping, the fit is stellar. As the only guitarist in my trio this allows me to use all my other fingers with comfort. My only complaint is that now I need a few more in case I lose one. Though I’ve played many other glass, ceramic and wine bottle slides for years, I really cant imagine going back. Those are crude tools that you make work while the RockSlide is a well thought out custom feel instrument.

  2. Leonardo Gianola

    Danny’s customer service is very good. I contacted him with what I was looking for and by chance, he had a non-production model; a Small glass with a longer length.

    I have always used a brass slide for playing acoustic, but this slide just sounds better. I never thought that I would find a slide that would work equally as good for playing acoustic or electric, but this slide somehow does the job.

    The only complaint that I have is now is just that I have the one and can not go into any music store in the country and buy a backup. Perhaps, another note to Danny is in order?

  3. Joe Smith

    I’ve owned a ton of slides over the years and had settled on some very nice Coricidin bottles to use, then I found these glass Rock Slides! I get an even better sound than I was getting with the bottles, and the fit on my finger gives me more control over the slide.

    These guys also go the extra mile to make sure you get a slide that fits your finger, and helped me get one that’s just right.

    You can’t get a better glass slide for guitar in my opinion!

  4. Chris Howerton

    Just purchased one of your slides. HOLY SHIT!!! This thing is awesome, The size, weight, feel, etc. is just perfect!!! From the first note it’s just a whole new world from the slides I’ve been using my entire life. Instantly the best slide I’ve ever used. I haven’t taken it off my finger since I got it! Thanks

  5. Tom Saunders

    Brilliant customer service and a fantastic quality product. Having very slim fingers I was unsure that the small size might be too big for my pinky and so I got in touch with Danny who was more than happy to help, I gave him some measurements and he was happy enough to search through his stock for the best fit for me, which he got perfectly, Nothing was too much trouble for Danny and he made me feel very at ease that if the slide wasn’t just right we would be able to sort something out.

    As far as the slide goes, it is brilliantly made, flawless. From the tapered interior to the knuckle-cut, it is a really well thought out design with the player in mind.

    Would recommend these slides and fantastic customer service to anyone!

  6. Leonardo

    I just received a couple of custom-ordered slides; size small, 67mm, without and without any cutouts; perfect!! It has been a long journey to find the perfect guitar slide!!

  7. Dave A Evans

    I just wanted to tell you that your slides are the best slides I’ve ever encountered. (I’ve been playing slide since the age of 11…now, I’m 57.) The taper makes the slide become part of your finger…beautiful!
    I wish I was famous so I could endorse them…
    They are the best!
    Thanks for inventing them.
    Dave A Evans

  8. Scott Johnson

    Aged brass slide is awesome. Quite a bit heavier than my go to glass slide but I’ve gotten very use to it. Better than any other brass slide I’ve tried. The cutouts are extremely smart and useful. No doubt the best slide out there..

  9. Will

    The guys at Rock Slide did the near impossible- the took one of the most classic types of slide and improved upon it. The glass slide is thick enough to have great control and sustain, but thin enough to be able to play on a guitar with low action. The comfort features (the knuckle cut, finger contour, and especially the inside taper) make the slide that much better by making it the most comfortable slide that I’ve ever played, and I have played almost every slide on the market.

  10. Jordan Kilgore

    These slide are a difference maker. Not only to ally but for comfort and speed. I can’t recommend them enough more get over how fantastic they are. You have to try them out.
    The customer service is phenomenal. Danny sent me out two slides after a long email conversation because I wasn’t sure what size I needed. I was expecting a small glass slide after debating a medium. I received the order with a small and a medium glass slide allowing me to decide. I ended up liking both so much I called him back and bought the other. The small slide was exactly what I wanted and fit my pinky just right but the medium was a perfect fit for my size 11 ring finger so if your in the market for the BEST slide out there look no further. Get your Rock Slide!
    Still can’t thank you enough Danny for the kindness and trust.

  11. Eric

    I have at least a dozen slides and like something about all of them, but this one is my current favorite. By far the most comfortable I’ve ever used and the tone is spectacular. Very clear and lyrical, not a down dirty kinda slide (which I also like). Sustain is the best of all my slides. And for me personally the fit is like right on the money, almost like I had it custom fit. I got mine from the $15 Deal Basket and it’s an undersized medium, which with the taper turns out to be perfect on my pinkie worn to the palm AND exactly right on my ringer finger worn to my middle joint. Wish undersized medium were a standard size, I’d order one in every style for sure!

  12. Roman

    I’ve tried many slides…even made a few, but nothing is as comfortable as the one i just broke….hats off. I’ll be ordering another when i get paid.

  13. Glen

    Simply put- it’s perfect. Nothing out there comes close.

  14. Peter J.

    I have only really been playing slide for about a month but after using several of the regular tube shaped slides you slide is amazing!. A little though and engineering went a long way. This slide fits RIGHT, feels RIGHT, has the RIGHT amount of mass to produce tones eerily reminiscent of a Show Bud pedal steel, which isn’t a bad thing at all. This slide produces a very thick, tubey tone that really compliments a Strat and Fender amp setup. But the best part is the knuckle notch. Pure genius. Thanks for making the best slide out there, i will be attaining a few more very soon as i have gotten the slide bug really bad.

    Thanks, Pete.

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