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Aged Brass Swamp Slide


Aged Brass Swamp Slide

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If you are into tweed and worn out looking gear these are for you.  Tonally they sound like a standard brass Rock Slide®, but they resemble something from the bottom of the Bayou.  We individually hand age these using a multi-step recipe of destruction.  They have a perfectly smooth finish for playability.

Each slide is aged by hand. Appearance WILL vary from slide to slide. Some look like the picture, some come out with more black, some come out with gold or leopard spots.

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4 reviews for Aged Brass Swamp Slide

  1. Scott Johnson

    The aged brass slide looks awesome. I have played all the others and was never really satisfied.
    Needless to say I kinda gave up playing slide. I saw these brass slides awhile back and gave them a try. The tone is perfect. These slides brought me back to my beginnings. The finger cut out is an unbelievable asset to the ease of usage. The weight is also sweet. I’m not sure what else I could ever want in a brass slide. I have now purchased every slide made by this company. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. This aged brass however is my favorite.
    Several of my friends have also got them a few after trying mine.
    These are top notch-none better in my opinion.


  2. Ken C


    I just wanted to write you and say what a pleasure it was dealing and shipping with you.

    I had questions about how to order, size etc. you went above and beyond. I ordered two from you and I do love, easiest playing slide I’ve ever tried (wish I could play a guitar now) Ha Ha! +

    Thanks again and I will spread the word, The Rock Slide……………ROCKS!!!!

    Ken Crumpler Jr.

  3. DBluesMI

    Discovered the Rock Slide via Joey Landreth and decided to get a signature aged brass slide. Danny was great in helping me figure out the right size and type for the start of my amateur slide journey. I am super impressed with the quality and through that has gone into this slide…from the taper inside to the cut allowing better finger bend … to even the indent to allow space for your adjacent finger to rest and support the slide – a lot of thought has gone into the design and build of this slide.
    After having tried many a typical slide from my the rack at my local guitar store, I was beginning to think slide was just too hard to do well or I was not talented enough to master it. But like with so many other things, having a well designed tool makes all the difference.
    Sure, you could try slide with a cheap piece of pipe you have lying around … but that would be like trying to cut through a 2×4 with a butter knife,.. you could do it but why would you when there are much better tools for the job?
    Looking forward to trying the balltip slide next 🙂

  4. Benagata

    I just received a medium aged brass Rock Slide, and man am I blown away by how well it fits. The cutaway at the fat end, and the tapering at the tip end is perfect. Aesthetically, the aged brass looks like art, just a beautiful piece of hardware. I will probably try a pinky slide, either an Ariel Posen or glass. I had some questions about sizing, and exchanged several emails with Danny. He was very patient with me, and was lovely to deal with.

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