Balltip Guitar Slide

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Balltip Guitar Slide

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The revolution continues with the Balltip Rock Slide®. This slide features everything you’ve come to expect from a Rock Slide®, the cutaway, tapered interior, excellent weight and comfort, but now in a lap/pedal steel inspired ball tip.

Balltip Rock Slides® have two notable features when compared to an original Rock Slide®.  First off is the very obvious ball nose which makes this a combo slide for use on a variety of other instruments like Dobro or Lap Steel.  Secondly, the slide has 2 playing surfaces for a longer or shorter slide.   Size/Specs follow standard RS design but are slightly heavier & longer due to the added ball-tip.

The one slide your resonator should NEVER leave home without.



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4 reviews for Balltip Guitar Slide

  1. Mike Trantham

    Definitely my favorite slide. I have the medium balltip and wear it on my ring finger. The ball tip is really nice for playing single or double strings especially in standard tuning. Trick is to get a good fit. It would be best to try them in person, but the internet maybe the only way a lot of people can get these. I needed to cut mine off a little bit. Also, it was a little long for my finger and then I sanded it out a little bit with a tapered dowel rod and fine sandpaper. Its brass so its somewhat easy to cut and sand it as needed for a perfect customized fit. If you use it enough it will look naturally aged. Totally personalized!

  2. Andy Ellis

    When I play lap steel, I want a light tonebar that allows nimble, quick moves and allows me to shift in and out of slant positions with a secure grip. I’ve tried all kinds of materials and designs, and the bar that works best for me is the Rock Slide Balltip. Being hollow, it’s light and very maneuverable—much easier to move quickly than heavier, solid bars. But being brass, it offers more sustain and bottom end than the hollow glass bullet-nose slides I’ve used. Traditional solid tonebars get slippery, and sometimes I have to grip them harder than I want just to keep them from rolling away. The solution? The Balltip’s cutaway is perfect for planting my thumb and getting a firm grip on the bar without having to squeeze too hard. Relaxed hand, nimble moves, secure grip, and round, ripe tone. What more could I ask for?

  3. Will

    I have to say, I was given a few Rock Slides to borrow and try out (the balltip being one of them) and I didn’t really expect to like it. It, ironically, ended up becoming my favorite slide. The feel is really unmatched and personally, fits my finger perfectly. I never have any sort of drag and it always goes where I want it to. It isn’t thick, but it’s weight is balanced so that it has a long sustain but doesn’t feel like your finger is wearing 3 winter coats. I’ve actually used it so much that it’s naturally aging, which I think is really cool! The balltip is probably my favorite slide, or at least my top 3!

  4. Elio Lopez

    I came across Rock Slide by chance. I was trying to find a specific size slide but in brass (for live work), and I couldn’t find one. I’d tried all manner of slides over the years with the hopes of being able to move between fretting and sliding. I tried slide rings, thimble slide, and loads of others and never was satisfied completely. The closest was Dunlop 212. I called and spoke to Danny and yes, he did talk my ear off, but not worse than I did to him. I bought my first rock slide that day, (polished brass).

    Suffice to say I now have three rock slides. I added the polished brass ball tip and a glass slide. The fit of the brass slides is very snug and secure so I don’t have to worry if it will slip off during a set. I prefer the ball tip to the regular brass because ti suits my touch best. The glass slide is just a touch less snug, but still better than the Dunlop. It has a thicker wall but feels lighter on my finger and the tone is very warm and sweet. As far as I’m concerned only Rock Slides for me!

    If you’re looking for a great feeling slide do yourself a favor. Follow the instructions on finding your preferred finger’s size and make your choice according to your needs. You’ll never regret it!

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