Nickel Plated Guitar Slide

  • Brass Guitar Slide with Nickel Plating.



Nickel Plated Guitar Slide

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Nickel plated-brass Rock Slides are a great combination of tone and string feel.  They are slippery like glass, but have the weight and long sustain of brass.  Unlike the polished brass slides, they remain slippery for a very long time.


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4 reviews for Nickel Plated Guitar Slide

  1. Michael

    I own many different Rock Slides so obviously I believe in this product. The Nickel Plated slide is the perfect compliment to my Aged Brass slide. It is very smooth and fast and I find myself playing passages more quickly with less effort. I find the tone to be a bit more articulate than the brass. Different slides offer different tones…so experiment!

  2. richard.breitner

    At last. My quest for a suitable slide is over. I have small hands and like to wear th eslide on my pinky. Up to now, I failed to find the perfect slide, having to put cotton or paper inside so that it fits, and it was always too heavy or too light to match my taste.
    Then, I heard about Rock Slide on a slides comparison Youtube video. It’s not cheap, but I decided to give it a try, though.
    And I was delighted. At last, it fits, at last it is just the good thickness, the good weight. And the ergonomic details are just great. I now have a nickel plated, a brass, an aged brass and a moulded glass slide. All of them are great and make it possible to experiment and get the tone I want on each tune. Thanks Rocket Slide and keep up the good work!

  3. rfjoinery

    Just tried out my new Medium NP. Fit is perfect for me. My pinky knuckle is a comfy slip fit for an 18mm wrench (that’s a convenient way to measure!) Was concerned it would be sloppy, but fits with no wobble. The relief cutout and the side finger rest add stability and comfort too. In length, it JUST touches 6 strings on a stock SG neck, 35mm spacing at the nut, 52 at the bridge. Wish it were maybe 3mm wider for 6-string chords.Other than that length, this slide works just great for me.

  4. cess m.

    I had originally purchased a chrome Rock Slide a couple years ago, at Music Villa in Bozeman , MT while on vacation. While I love the design of the slide, unfortunately, the chrome had started to peel off, causing it to “hang up” on the exposed brass portion. I contacted Rock Slide and provided pictures of what was happening. No questions, no hassles, just great customer service (which seems so rare these days) – I had a new nickel slide (which they had since switched to, I was informed, over the chrome for better plating results) within 2 days. I couldn’t be happier with the new nickel slide or the fact that this company stands 100% behind their product. Will be getting a new glass slide from them very soon!

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