Polished Brass Guitar Slide

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  • Brass Guitar Slide, Tapered Interior, Knuckle Cutaway, Heavy Guitar Slide
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Polished Brass Guitar Slide

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This is the slide that started the Rock Slide® revolution in 1999. Features include a tapered interior, finger rest, knuckle cutaway & a highly polished finish. Specifically designed to improve the way you slide and sustain!


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4 reviews for Polished Brass Guitar Slide

  1. Jesse Peikoff

    I picked up a medium brass after hearing about the signature models for Joey and Ariel. I’ve been playing guitar for 20 years, but slide never felt natural to me. I played around with this for a few hours on a les paul, an old martin d-18, and an old dobro, and they all sounded great! And I was playing in tune! It’s the first time I’ve ever truly felt comfortable with a slide. I went to show my dad who also plays – he was suitably impressed to re-fashion an old brass slide with some of the modifications, which did improve that slide, but we still couldn’t match the rockslide for pure tone….some crazy mojo in this one for sure! Thank you!!

  2. Dave A Evans

    I just wanted to tell you that your slides are the best slides I’ve ever encountered. (I’ve been playing slide since the age of 11…now, I’m 57.) The taper makes the slide become part of your finger…beautiful!
    I wish I was famous so I could endorse them…
    They are the best!
    Thanks for inventing them.

  3. Don Thompson

    I had a couple dozen slides – ceramic, glass (Coriciden bottles and otherwise), chrome, brass, etc. Noodled around with slide for years, could not play slide worth a damn. Tried this slide. Holy crap, I can play slide! How can this be? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the weight or the fit or the length. I don’t care, it works The notch so you can actually bend your finger is a real improvement. In particular, once this slide warms up (it’s brass, remember?) it feels like part of my finger. I’m not much for glass, but based on the performatnce of this slide, I just had to order one of the glass models. Oh, and customer service is second to none. Stop hesitating and buy one. You won’t be sorry.

  4. richard.breitner

    At last! I have small hands and wear slides on my pinky. I was at oods to find a suitable slide that would fit. The quest is over! A Small Rock SLide is all I need: it fits perfectly, is heavy enough for great sustain and the finger rest is a killer idea. I have also an aged brass slide for more growl. I’m so happy tha tI just ordered a glass and a nicke slide to have different sounds. Great!

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